The Wanted in Detroit



I have to memorize the muscles of the arm and leg, all these parts of the brain, and some spinal cord stuff and tbh I’m probably gunna fail this exam tomorrow bc if you look at the models for the muscles and the sheep’s brain, everything is literally all the same color and they all like they blend together and you legit can’t distinguish anything at all hah aha haja ja ja hah a isn’t science amazing

sunnykay14 asked:
Favorite members of The WANTED greatest to least?

OMG this question is torture holy shit. I’ve liked them for like 3 years and I still can’t decide this, um um um:

For me, Nathan will always be my favorite bc he’s always been the one I’ve had such a huge crush on and I feel like we’d get along well. Uhh, Jay I guess is second because he’s a witty lad and I really, really appreciate that. Then Siva because he’s underrated and completely unassuming and I think he just comes out of no where with his humor and talent. Then I guess…ugh, this is so hard bc none of them are less than the others…uh, Max? He’s hilarious and I fell in love with his dad joke capabilities and his no fucks given attitude and then I guess Tom and he’s just fucking crazy and lovable and a ball of energy that I could totally get behind 500% but poor bby omg I love them all so so much and I felt the need to explain myself even though it didn’t do any of them justice this question is so difficult omg omg omg.

'Cause I'm




There’s always that little part of me that will be the slightest bit sad in all seriousness bc I will legitimately and literally never meet Nathan or any of the boys and become friends; I genuinely think we’d get on very well and it’s kind of disheartening to know neither of us will ever find out.